(a.k.a. The
LUFE Matrix)"

digital 2D

of Women"


"9-11" series
"GoDNA: The
of DNA" series

"The E-P Series"
The Conservation
of SpaceTime
Contemporary Graphics
A simple, friendly entry page to the JavaScript-active Brooks Design-Contemporary Graphics image repository featuring ("RealSurReal...aClone, 2001"; "Hey! U funk'n with my DNA?"; "9-11_remembered";  and "Naughty Physics a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix" and, "Your sFace or Mine?" and,
"Butterfly Primes... Prejudicial Numbers"), (" Jigsaw Puzzles"), website graphics, digital 2D works ("Infinite Dimensions ...without borders", "9-11 series", "GoDNA series", "E-P series", and limited edition digital prints, including Iris giclée prints and "Universal Gift Cards", and,  Art Theory 101/Database includes FARNIE, PIN (Pattern in Number), Butterfly Primes, The Butterfly Prime Directive, GoDNA (Geometry of DNA), SCoDNA (Structure and Chemistry of DNA), Dark-Dark-Light: Dark matter=Dark Energy (the inversion of), The LUFE Matrix, The LUFE Matrix Supplement, The LUFE Matrix: Infinite Dimensions, The LUFE Matrix:  E=mc2, The History of the Universe in Scalar Graphics, The History of the Universe_update: The Big Void, and Quantum Gravity the book, L.U.F.E.: The Layman's Unified Field Expose`, The Conservation of SpaceTime, Brooks (Base) Square matrix and the Inverse Square Law (ISL), Brooks Base Square interactive. Updated: 1-8-24.
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Limited Edition Digital Prints
art theory 101 ---white papers

art theory 101
white papers

"Butterfly Primes"
"Butterfly Prime Directive"
Dark Matter
= Dark Energy"

"The LUFE Matrix"
"The LUFE Matrix

"The LUFE Matrix:
Infinite Dimensions"

"The LUFE Matrix:

"Quantum Gravity"
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