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"Infinite Dimensions...without borders"
Prints from the mixed media montages

Limited edition digital prints made from re-interpretations of the original montages.

Thirteen works which define this series (so far).


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  "After Botticelli & Velazquez
"After Correggio"
"After Ingré"
"After Leonardo"
  "After Picasso, Gauguin & Matisse"
  "After Titian & Rembrandt"
"After Noon Tide"
"After Tidal Pool"
"After Tidal Muse"
"After Tidal Fog"
"After Low Tide"
"After Blue Tide"
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Title
These limited edition digital prints are available for purchase here on line... please visit the Purchase Page. There you will find instructions, tips, prices, and more.
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