n a u g h t y   p h y s i c s

Naughty Physics (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix)

How to make sense out of the universe using your own eyes
a few *building blocks.


naughty things

to do


Throw out your old physics books. Everything! We're starting fresh. Today really is the first day in your life's new awareness of how the ittiest, bittiest parts fit into the whole!


Throw out your fears, hang-ups and misconceptions about mathematics. Just remember fundamentals in math and geometry like adding and subtracting simple numbers and areas. Hey, your average third grader can do it...so can you!

Third: 3

Throw out your old modes of thinking...especially those left-brain tendencies to construct your thought processes as though you were building a good sentence, forming a coherent paragraph immersed in a formidable chapter at the service of your great novel. Forget it. The same for the "accountant" in you. Let it go. We are not going to quantitate. Empty your mind of complexities. Think like you opened your eyes for the first time ...see the pattern...the pattern forming from the arrangements of those simple building blocks. Ultimately, you want to grasp with your right-brain and analyze with your left. But for now, skew your thinking over to the right-brain. Think like an artist, like a creator. As a painter your brush can only be loaded with the paint(s) of space and/or time.

Fourth: 4

Go ahead and just get nude!

Fifth: 5

But not naked! Keep your clothes on!

Sixth: 6.

Ladies and gentlemen start your motors!...and get idle.

Seventh: 7.

Tour the track...and get back! all in the Preview-Review.

Eighth: 8.

Accelerate!!...go for it, building up speed as you learn your way in the here and now...into the Present.

Ninth: 9.

Glide through the backstretch, sifting through the Past as you run through the gears.

Tenth: 10.

Launch!...is ready. The Future awaits you.

* updated, digitized and relabeled.
NOTES: (click # to return to naughty list)

1.-Conceptually, not literally...after all you will need them to get back to your old reality.

2.-The visual simplicity will entice even your 3-year old..

3.-The history of physics, and the universal language of mathematics used to describe it, is absolutely fraught with multiple onion-layered complexities. In the last century, international agreement on a system of quantities (parameters like mass, time, length,...) and units (like kilograms, seconds, meters,...) used to describe them was codified in the System International (SI)standard. This reduced both the number of "onions" and the number of "onion-layers" from thousands down to a few hundred based on seven base units (mass--kilograms, length--meters, time--seconds, temperature--Kelvin, current--ampere, luminous intensity--candela, and, amount of substance--mole), four derived units without special names (volume, area, velocity, and, acceleration), 22 derived units with special names (like force, pressure, energy, work, power, frequency, absorbed dose, dose equivalent, radioactive activity, catalytic activity, magnetic flux, magnetic flux density, inductance, electric charge, potential, conductance, inductance, resistance, capacitance, celsius temperature, illuminance, luminous flux, solid angle and plane angle), and a host of other parameters either made from combos of these or dragged over from their past popular usage too numerous to name. Still a grand, albeit incomplete, distillation from the hodge-podge that came before.

Naturally, language influences, even drives at times, the nature of learning, sharing, understanding and especially discovery. One tends to think in terms of the language...with all its built in limitations. This has been our past history. Einstein taught us to start thinking differently and introduced, even popularized the beginning of a new language of four-dimensional space-time in presenting his theories on Special Relativity (1905) and General Relativity (1915). He matched up his revolutionary visions of space and time interdependency with the leading edge of mathematical thought (including non-Euclidean geometry and the treatment of time as the fourth dimension, added on to the three spatial dimensions we know) giving us space-time (x,y,z,time).

Now our Naughty Physics has come to misbehave even more. Naughty Physics (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix) is a further distillation yet, in which the entire language of mathematics and physics is built on just two elemental units...space and time. Only time is not treated as some continuation, or added on component, to space, but instead is a full complementary dimension(s) to that of space(s). Every parameter and unit described in SI units can be expressed in terms of two fundamental units: how many spatial units (S) and temporal units (T) it is composed of. And since there are 5 pure spatial dimensions interacting with 5 pure temporal dimensions, there are 25 combinations of space-time dimensions (typically as x-number of space dimensions per y-number of time dimensions). That means we have 10 pure dimensions (5S+5T) and 25 space-time interactive dimensions to build and define our universe. Of course, just like those naughty little numbers, our dimensions can be positive or negative, and, can combine as ST, S/T, T/S and 1/(ST).

The power and logic of the simplification is so vast it at first seems almost incomprehensible...even ridiculous, ludicrous, unworthy of the effort. It is almost like someone telling you for the very first time that information, nearly all information, can be reduced to two simple units, 0 and 1. Well, thump your forehead! So, too, can the universe, only now its space and time, as S and T [combinations of ST, S/T, T/S, and 1/(ST)]. It's like finding out you can build the Taj Mahal with your building blocks. What's stopping you? It's not only naughty...but also so-o-o-o nice!

4. -Mentally nude...the ideal, that is. Eliminate the garb. Your goal is extreme simplification of the mind set.

5. -Sorry, but as any true mathematician, theoretical physicist, artist-philosopher, religious zealot or your average 3rd grader with an active imagination will tell you, there are places...out of the body places...where your mind can take you that are so supremely clear, serene and rich with universal awe that pounding your flesh, while not to be missed, pails. The ultimate high requires you to be devoid of, or at the very least on a temporary hiatus from, those other distractions of the body, mind and soul...like shopping, smoking, sex, sleeping and salivating.

6. Having dropped off all that baggage in the previous steps its time to rebuild. Get comfortable. Put on some good mood music (something you already know that won't be a distraction...no sing-alongs). This is a good spot to be in and to come back to between launches.

7. -Our focus begins by taking an easy jaunt over just some of the many pathways possible on our journey. An aerial view, even if cursory, informs and intuitively relaxes us as we sense not only the possibilities here, but also the notion of a beginning, middle and end to any path we elect to explore. Scan the LUFE Matrix Slide Show: "Preview-Review: Can you say energy 10 different ways" often, but especially now at the start.

8. -Slowly delve into your journey, accelerating out of the curves onto the straightaways by visiting the LUFE Matrix introduction, geometry and layout. Start to feel and and expand upon your new found freedom. Exhilarate... and pause. Return to the Preview-Review slide show occasionally as a pit stop for refurbishment, only to exhilarate even more. Turn up the music. Step on the throttle. Focus. Let the space-time dimensions flow past you, around you, and through you like the wind. Don't question it so much now, as experience it. Absorb its essence.

9. -Here's where the pedal hits the metal in every gear. From the lowest valleys to the highest peaks traversing over the 200+ examples and proofs, the history of the universe as reflected in the mirrors of the LUFE Matrix Supplement: Example and Proofs. You are ready to go where no man or woman has gone before (except of course for your fellow travelers).

10. -Space-Time...the final frontier and our destination to all things naughty physics. "Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of): The Conservation of Spacetime by The Conservation of Force" is my own solution to one of the central problems in physics today. Projecting the LUFE Matrix forward, onto the new discoveries and questions that follow (as well as onto those that have haunted us in the past, lingering to this very day) is perhaps, ultimately, the most significant and eye-opening contribution it will make to the consciousness of human kind.
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a new work of

It was first introduced in 1985.


We're now well into the 21st century.


Isn't it time you, too, saw the code?!!


The code is a matrix, the LUFE Matrix...and it's made up of some simple, colorful little building blocks of space and time.


"Naughty Physics"

featuring the "LUFE Matrix: The distillation of System International (SI) units into more fundamentally base units of Space-Time (ST) dimensions"

Ó 1985, 1991, 2003, Reginald Brooks.
All rights reserved

©2003, R.Brooks All rights reserved


ENTER the LUFE Matrix Slide Show: "Preview-Review: Can you say energy 10 different ways"

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ENTER "The LUFE Matrix: The distillation of System International (SI) units into more fundamentally base units of Space-Time (ST) dimensions"

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ENTER "The LUFE Matrix Supplement: Example and Proofs"

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ENTER "Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of): The Conservation of Spacetime by The Conservation of Force"

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(OK for kids 8 years and older)

A new white paper

"The LUFE Matrix: Infinite Dimensions ~a room with a view...within a room with a view...within a room with a view~" has recently been added. A new, speculative journey to account for the multiple dimensions that have informed The LUFE Matrix since its introduction in 1985. It is presented in a FAQ-graphic format.
It is included in the "Naughty Physics" (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix) kit.
You can also access it on the Art Theory 101 white papers page.

A new white paper

"The History of the Universe in Scalar Graphics ~(Simultaneous Birth of Black Holes and the Inflationary Universe at the onset of the Big Bang) has recently been added. A supplement to "Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of): The Conservation of Spacetime by The Conservation of Force", a work informed by "The LUFE Matrix".
It is included in the "Naughty Physics" (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix) kit.
You can also access it on the Art Theory 101 white papers page.

A new white paper

The LUFE Matrix: E=mc2 ...and then some
It is included in the "Naughty Physics" (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix) kit.
You can also access it on the Art Theory 101 white papers page.

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