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Many images are available as image files for licensing. Various licenses are available ranging from one-time, one-media single use to multi-time, multimedia multi use. Licenses start at $500 USD. Limitations of use may apply. Certain restrictions will apply at all times, including, but not limited to, restrictions from use of any image and/or artist's name (or company or associated names)in any connection or association with:
-hate, violence, racist, abusive, chauvinistic and/or other agendas
-illegal activities of any sort.

Purchase of digital prints (see below) does not give license to use, in whole or part, publicly, commercially, for gain or profit or otherwise, nor to change, alter or deface in any manner, the original image or any copy of it.

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Purchase Limited Edition Digital Prints    FAQ    Print Warranty    Giclée

Most images can be purchased as limited edition digital prints (See "How to Order" below). A maximum of 200 digital prints will be made for any given size of the image. Based on the final framed size, many images are readily available in two sizes, small and medium, while some images are available and outsourced as larger Giclée prints:

(A) Small:   SPECIAL ADDITION!: "Universal" Gift Card Sets

  • image 4" x 5 1/2" - 3" x 8" (typically)
  • Price: $195 unframed
        Add $25 to print on fine art paper---see FAQ for details
  • (B) Medium:

  • image 6 1/2" x 9" - 6" x 13" (typically)
  • Price: $695 unframed
        Add $50 to print on fine art paper---see FAQ for details
  • (C) Large:

  •     ---see FAQ and Giclée for details
  • NOTE: All prices subject to change without notice. These are the typical prices.

    Images from Page 5 (years 1998-99) are only available in the (A) small or (B) medium size,
    except for the Elephant and Fates themes which are available in all three sizes.

    Great personal care insures that each digital inkjet print is true to the artist's intent.

    Professional framing service and consultation provided by:


    1230 NW Hoyt
    Portland, OR 97209

    Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

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    How to Order:

    The ordering process, including the Terms and Conditions of Sale outlined on the Sales Agreement, is identical to that found in the Brooks Design-Plant Supports section on Orders. Simply indicate the Image Theme Title and variation #, the size (unframed). Indicate if you wish to include the option of printing on glossy, satin or canvas paper. For the small or medium prints you have the option to select from a wider choice of papers. Unframed prints have no surface protection as the default. If you are interested in Giclé prints, see below. For helpful hints and tips please review the FAQ and then go to Orders.

    Iris Giclée Limited Edition Prints

    Iris Giclée Limited Edition Prints

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