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E. Unified Field Theory(ies)/ 1. Commentary 2. The LUFE Constants
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1. Any grand unification of the gravitational force (interaction) with the strong-electro-weak force (interaction) will require coming to terms with our most basic, fundamental understanding of the nature of mass, charge, spin and space-time itself, and how these identifying properties of matter are formed, interact and are conserved by the very space-time dimensions of which they are inseparably generated from.

Relativistic quantum theory will be clarified as we recast our eclectically derived notions of physical law into the base, fundamental units of space and time, or space-time dimensions.

The LUFE Matrix is the rosetta stone of physics. It visually translates our knowledge of the universe, and the mathematics used to describe it, into a simpler, more beautiful form.

The simplicity of that form belies its amazing dynamics. And while the body of the LUFE Matrix carries the fixed, reference components, it is in the wings that the dynamical lift is to be found.

Here, in flight, is where the LUFE Matrix can visually take one to both the past and the future. The LUFE Matrix Supplement: Examples and Proofs, will dynamically fly through the history of classical and modern physics, giving proof to its validity by example. It is a short course in its own right.

Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter=Dark Energy (the inversion of ): The Conservation of SpaceTime by the Conservation of Force (and Energy) dynamically flys one into the future. Here is a new theory which uses the LUFE Matrix to reinterpret the Standard Model Theory of the cosmos in terms of a more fundamental conservation law: the Conservation of Space-Time. The LUFE Matrix, as a rosetta stone...a visual theory of space-time given wings that no sun can melt.

In closing, I have included five new constants from my own work in this realm...LUFE, The Layman's Unified Field Expose.

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the LUFE Matrix
ST Interactional Dimensions                      
# description ST unit


LUFE Constant #1



LUFE Constant #2



LUFE Constant #3,
LUFE Conversion Factor



LUFE Reciprocal Constant


Remember the first four "Rules of the Matrix."
1.-The area on the matrix defines the physical quantity and units .
2.-All net areas and spaces are counted from the origin, 0.
3.Pure spatial or temporal dimensions never appear by themselves in a quadrant.
4.-It is only in perpendicular combination(s) that space and time dimensions dynamically interact to form ST interactional dimensions (STID).

II. Modern Physics
A. Special relativity
1. Space-time-----------------------------------------| 7/II/A1 |
2. Velocity of light-----------------------------------| 7/II/A2 |
3. Mass------------------------------------------------| 7/II/A3 |
4. Momentum--------------------------------------------| 7/II/A4 |
5. Energy----------------------------------------------| 7/II/A5 |

B.Quantum Mechancis
1. Quantization of energy--------------------------------| 7/II/B1 |
2. Quantization of the atom------------------------------| 7/II/B2 |
3. Quantization of wave motion---------------------------| 7/II/B3 |
4. Quantization of particle motion-----------------------| 7/II/B4 |
5. Other examples of quantization------------------------| 7/II/B5 |
a. Dense matter physics--------------------------| 7/II/B5a |
b. Plasma physics--------------------------------| 7/II/B5b |
c. Low temperature physics-----------------------| 7/II/B5c |

C. General relativity and beyond
1. Acceleration-------------------------------------------| 7/II/C1 |
2. Einstein's field equation------------------------------| 7/II/C2 |
3. Black hole mechanics ( The Planck Parameters)----------| 7/II/C3 |
a. The event horizon------------------------------| 7/II/C3a |
b. Energy changes---------------------------------| 7/II/C3b |
c. Entropy----------------------------------------| 7/II/C3c |
d. Radiation--------------------------------------| 7/II/C3d |

D. Cosmology
1. Gravitational collapse (local)------------------------------| 7/II/D1 |
2. Blackbody radiation---------------------------------------| 7/II/D2 |
3. The Inflationary Universe Model of Guth and Steinhardt---| 7/II/D3 |

E. Unified Field Theory
1. Commentary----------------------------------------------| 7/II/E1 |
2. The LUFE Constants--------------------------------------| 7/II/E2 |

III. The LUFE Matrix on specific fields
A. Electromagnetism--------------------------------------------| 7/III/A |
B. Mechanics---------------------------------------------------| 7/III/B |
C. Thermodynamics, heat and light------------------------------| 7/III/C |


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Page 6a- The LUFE Matrix:Geometry- Layout

Page 6b- The LUFE Matrix:Geometry- Space or Time Axis (SOTA)

Page 6c- The LUFE Matrix:Geometry- Space-Time Interactional


Page 6d- The LUFE Matrix:Distillation of SI units into ST dimensions

Page 6e- The LUFE Matrix:Distillation of SI quantities into ST dimensions

Page 7- The LUFE Matrix Supplement: Examples and Proofs: Introduction-Layout & Rules


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| 7/I/B1 | 7/I/B2 | 7/I/B3 | 7/I/B4 | 7/I/B5 |
| 7/I/C1 | 7/I/C2 | 7/I/C3 | 7/I/C4 | 7/I/C5 |

| 7/II/A1 | 7/II/A2 | 7/II/A3 | 7/II/A4 | 7/II/A5 |
| 7/II/B1 | 7/II/B2 | 7/II/B3 | 7/II/B4 | 7/II/B5 |
| 7/II/C1 | 7/II/C2 | 7/II/C3 |
| 7/II/D1 | 7/II/D2 | 7/II/D3 |
| 7/II/E1 | 7/II/E2 | |

| 7/III/A | 7/III/B | 7/III/C |

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