Iris Giclée Limited Edition Digital Prints

What's Up?

State of the fine art printing, Giclée Limited Edition Digital Prints are available for purchase by special order. Giclée (gjee-clay, French for fine spray) is a specific ink jet spray process in which millions of microscopic droplets of archival colored inks are laid down on the paper/canvas mounted on a rapidly rotating drum. The process was developed for reproducing the best qualities of hue, value and saturation of the original. Taking advantage of the digital revolution, Giclée prints have quickly become the choice of many fine artists.

A maximum of 200 prints will be made for any single image size.

There 13 are variations, one for each original, plus one additional, for each of the 12 "Infinite Dimensions...without borders" mixed media montages (new work from 2005, page 0 of digital2D works). There are no variations on the image theme in the "9-11, montage" (new work from 2002, page 1 of digital2D works). There are five variations on each image theme in the "9-11, individual works" series (new work from 2002, page 2 of digital2D works).There are fifty variations on the image theme in the "GoDNA series" (new work from 2001, page 3 of digital2D works). There are five variations on each image theme in the "EP series" (new work from 2000, page 4 of digital2D works). Additionally, we are offering original works in different themes from 1998-99 (page 5 of digital2D works), though the large size is only available for the "Elephant" and "Fates" themes. In these digital prints, the variations on the theme are derived using image editing software.

How do I order? (see towards the bottom of this page)

Easy. Just go to the "Orders" page, read and fill out the form. Select from the Digital2D Indexof galleries on Page :

What are the sizes?

Because the Giclée prints are outsourced, printed on an Iris Giclée printer, delivery times, prices and some sizes will be different, and often extended, from the plain ink jet prints. Typical image sizes: medium large 15"x21", and large 21"x30". All sizes are approximate.

What about framing?

Quality professional framing is provided independently by Lara Sydney Custom Framing. Typically, medium large images are matted and framed (including Plexiglas/glass) up to 29"x33". Large images up to 32"x40". (Note that the large poster size image is not matted and without Plexiglas. See below. Typically, your print will have an appropriate neutral or muted color mat, Plexiglas and a simple, yet elegant neutral frame. We keep saying "typically" because a number of prints have slightly different sizes and your print will be custom framed.) Framing is not required. You may purchase just the print...this is our current method. You also may upscale your framing.

What type of image resolution can you expect?

150-300 dpi. Giclée printing produces such fine and continuous tone detail that the apparent dpi will seem higher. Availability of Giclée prints is limited to those digital images with the necessary 20-100+ MB high resolution files. Not all digital images qualify. Please inquire.

What about the printing paper; matte, glossy, or canvas?

Yes, you may order your Giclée prints on a number of papers including: Somerset Texture 500 gsm, Somerset Velvet 356 gsm, Somerset Satin 500 gsm, Arches Cold Press 356 gsm or Canvas. All papers are 100% acid free, archival papers.

What about the printing inks?

High quality Equipoise nontoxic, vegetable dye inks used in the Iris Giclée printer offer the greatest quality of color with good archival life, while an alternative is to print on the Epson Roland Giclée printer using special pigmented inks for greater print life under harsher conditions, but at the sacrifice of the full color quality provided by the Iris.(Roland Giclée prints have a somewhat different setup, please inquire for this special order process.)

What about protecting the print surface?

Ordinarily, yes you should allow for some kind of surface protection to prevent moisture and other vapors from interacting with the surface. Plexiglas (or glass) is the standard. You may also have the print laminated (3-5 mil, a temporary solution) once it has been mounted to a backing board such as museum board and foam core. Additionally there are spray varnishes available at your art supply store (Giclée printed on canvas comes with a UV, waterproofing coating ). Canvas relinquishes the need for matting or glass.

What about displaying prints?

As per well accepted museum practices, no prints should be exposed to direct sunlight, strong light, UV rays, high or variable humidity conditions, or in any location subject to harsh conditions, including physical contact.

What about shipping?

We can ship to most any location. Naturally an unframed print rolled into a shipping tube will ship at a rate different from a large framed piece.

What about prices? Pricing is individual. These prices should be used as REFERENCE ONLY.

  • (A) small: not available
  • (B) medium large: $675-1275+ framed (with Plexiglas); $425-525+ unframed.
           This size is for traditional framing with matting and Plexiglas/glass.
  • (C) large: $975-1575+ framed (with Plexiglas, mounted on museum board over hardboard).
           $525-625+ unframed. (not mounted, can be rolled for easy shipping)
           Add $75 for canvas (includes UV/waterproofing coating) .

Where can I see and buy these prints?

Buy online here at : Please see FAQ for more details on purchasing.  Close Window